Cutting-edge online service
Fast and easy shipping

Sending a parcel is just as easy as sending an e-mail. Whether you send a parcel every now and again or ship dozens of pallets every day, with our online shipping tool, your shipment is on its way with just a few clicks on your PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Discover what My DHL Parcel offers:

Quick shipment

Your shipment is ready with just a few clicks.

Easy returns

In the app return labels can be printed in no time.

Smart address book

Easily save new addresses.

Schedule your pickups

Schedule pickups for when it suits you.

The difference is in the details

At DHL Parcel, every detail matters. You can personalize the dashboard of our free shipping solution with handy widgets and the excellent search function is especially helpful if you're looking for an old address or shipment. We'll show you just how easy it is.


Discover the specs
Custom settings

In your My DHL Parcel account, you can add the services you want to offer, whether it is delivery on Saturday, extra insurance, or adding the return label to the parcel.

Grip on performance
Generating reports in the blink of an eye

You can monitor every step of the shipping process in My DHL Parcel. Generate reports from one to thousands of shipments at the same time in just a few seconds. For insight into and an overview of the number of parcels, delivery statuses, and types of shipments.

Prize-winning application

MY DHL Parcel was developed in the Benelux and is now used in many other countries. This is why we are extra-proud of the prizes awarded to this online shipping solution. In 2017, we won two Lovie Awards in the categories ‘best web application’ and ‘best navigation/structure’, which are basically the Oscars of the European web. And the app is only getting better, as we continue to make it smarter based on client feedback.