Missed-delivery card
View our delivery options

Did you miss the DHL delivery? Below you can see the options for receiving your parcel.

Second delivery at home

We automatically try to deliver your parcel again the next workday. Did you give us the permission to deliver with your neighbors if you are not at home? Then the missed-delivery card will tell you at which address your parcel has been delivered.

Collect at DHL location

If you missed the second delivery attempt, you have five workdays to collect your parcel at a DHL location. Always take your DHL card and a valid form of identity with you when you collect your parcel.

DHL card in mailbox
Track your shipment for more details

Our Track & Trace page will give you more information about your shipment and tell you where and when you can collect your parcel. Simply scan the QR-code on the DHL missed-delivery card or enter your delivery code and postal code on our tracking page. You will find the delivery code at the bottom right corner of your DHL card.

Track your parcel

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question, we are happy to help and we like to do so at lightning speed. That's why we've put together a list of FAQs that may just provide an answer to your question.

What happens if the parcel can't be delivered?

What are the delivery days and times?

Can I have my parcel delivered to a different address?