In control of your shipments
Within the Benelux and Europe

On this page you can read what impact the pandemic has on our delivery services in the Benelux and the rest of Europe.

Enhanced hygiene measures
DHL driver signs for receipt

Fortunately, the virus does not spread via parcels. Still, we have implemented enhanced hygiene measures for our drivers. To avoid any risk of contamination through our handheld terminals, our DHL drivers will now sign for receipt on behalf of the receiver. They will ask for the name and surname of the receiver and then sign on his behalf. We also keep an appropriate distance (guideline 1.5 meters) and avoid physical contact.

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Service in Europe
Modified service in multiple countries

The corona measures and the consequences they have on our service differ per country. In most countries, the driver signs for receipt in the presence of the consignee. Other changes are mentioned below. For the countries that are not in the list below business continues as usual. Always check in advance whether your business recipient abroad is open.


Due to the extra COVID-19 measures in Belgium, bpost has a lot more shipments to process than usual. Parcel deliveries to consumers can be delayed. If a business recipient is closed due to the corona measures, the shipment will be returned to the sender.

The Netherlands

Due to the current lockdown, non-essential stores and businesses are closed. As a result, there are changes in our DHL ServicePoint network, such as closings and changed opening hours. If a parcel is on its way to a closed location, we try to drop it off at a different DHL ServicePoint. Parcels which had been delivered to a location that is now closed, will be returned to the sender. If your business recipient is closed due to the coronavirus, your shipment will be returned.


A number of ServicePoints have been closed. Packages will be forwarded to another DHL ServicePoint in the area or will be returned to the sender. The delivery of your shipments will be delayed with a few days. Include a telephone number in the shipment data for business recipients. We check whether the recipient is open for delivery. If a shipment cannot be delivered, it will be returned.


If your business recipient is closed due to the coronavirus, your shipment will be returned. Due to increased volumes, in combination with the corona measures, deliveries can be delayed by at least one day. Consignees are informed of the delay via track and trace.


The size of packages to Greece is currently limited to a maximum of 40x40x40 cm. Larger and non-conveyable parcels will be returned to the sender.

Attention: High parcel volumes in Germany can also delay the delivery of parcels via Germany to consumers in Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. 

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If you have any further questions, please contact your DHL account manager or our customer service.

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